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Cured grey mullet roe

Bottarga di Muggine is one of the hallmarks of Sardinian food culture. Its history can be traced back to the dawn of civilisation, to the Phoenicians who already 3000 years ago began to salt and dry grey mullet roe.

We know from ancient writers that this delicacy was produced along the banks of the Nile and it would seem that traces of it have even been found inside the Egyptian pyramids. Its method of preparation has remained unchanged over the centuries: the roe is cleaned, salted, pressed and dried. The advent of modern technology has not altered the procedure followed: each sac of roe is prepared separately and the whole production process is performed by hand, whereas ISO 9001 certification guarantees full respect of the strictest hygiene standards.

Bottarga has high protein content and is very rich in Omega3 fatty acid; it is amber in colour and has a decided yet delicate flavour.

Stylish and versatile, cut into wafer-thin slices it is an excellent match with fresh vegetables as an ingredient in delicious salads. A joy to the palate on crispy-hot croutons with a trace of butter, or sprinkled and grated over pasta dishes.

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