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Sea urchin roe, king and queen crab

Sea urchins are extremely popular for their tasty roe or corals. The four species of sea urchins marketed by Smeralda belong to the Echinidae family: the roe from the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island is immediately frozen in glass jars, while the roe from the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific is sterilized in tins.

Sea Urchin Roe is an ideal ingredient in easy-to-make dishes such as spaghetti dressed with bottarga and sea urchin roe.

Smeralda also offers King Crab, the most majestic of the cold sea crabs: the softness of its flesh and delicate flavour make it a true delicacy.

The range is completed by the Queen Crab, smaller than the King but equally delicious. Caught in the cold, pure waters round Chile, it has firm texture and delicate flavour. Ideal to dress spaghetti or prepare delicious salads with celery and avocado.

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